Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada – January 5, 2018 - Sunrise Genetics, Inc., the parent company of Marigene and Hempgene and based out of Fort Collins, CO, has recently secured a partnership with New Brunswick Research & Productivity Council (RPC), in order to begin accepting samples for testing cannabis cultivars in Canada. The partnership is compliant with Health Canada sample submission requirements and allows Canadian cultivators to submit their plants for DNA extraction and genomic sequencing.

Matt Gibbs, President of Sunrise Genetics, is enthusiastic about the partnership, as “RPC has a long track record of leadership in analytical services, especially as it relates to DNA and forensic work, giving Canadian growers their first real option to submit their plant samples for DNA extraction through proper legal channels. The option to pursue genomic research on cannabis is now at Canadian cultivator’s fingertips.” The budding Canadian cannabis industry has had few options to easily apply genomic testing for improved plant development because of a lack of easy DNA extraction options. This partnership assures cannabis samples follow the already established submission process for analytical testing, while adding service options to cultivators interested in exploring the genomic potential of their cannabis plants.

RPC’s CEO, Eric Cook, noted “This service builds on RPC’s established genetic strengths and complements the services we are currently offering the cannabis industry.”

Inquiries about submitting cultivars can be directed to

Media Inquiries:

Dr. Benjamin Forward, Department Head, RPC | 506.452.1212

Lexi Valenti, Strategic Development, Sunrise Genetics | 970-372-5363

About RPC

RPC is New Brunswick’s provincial research organization (PRO), a research and technology organization (RTO) offering contract R&D and technical services at our locations in Fredericton, Moncton, and St. George, New Brunswick.

RPC’s complement of over 130 scientists, engineers and technologists are supported by world-class analytical chemistry, air quality and material-testing laboratories, comprehensive life science capabilities, an internationally recognized fish health lab, extensive product development, design, manufacturing and testing services, and a wide variety of pilot facilities for the development and improvement of industrial and environmental processes and products.

RPC holds over 100 accreditations and certifications including a diverse ISO 17025 scope from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Further information about RPC’s services is available from

About Sunrise Genetics

Sunrise Genetics develops and applies genomic tools to understand and guide the development of the Cannabis plant.

We partner with industry leading Cannabis cultivators and breeders to apply evolving genomic knowledge to target improvement of desired traits, accelerate breeding, and unlock the opportunities of Cannabis. The plant knowledge held by our partners, paired with the plant’s DNA, means genetic plant identification and more, it’s the platform for leveraging modern genomics to create a legitimate, commercial-ready plant or varietal line.

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Lexi Valenti